Growatt Shine Link-X

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The Growatt ShineLink Wireless Monitoring Kit is a new generation monitoring solution for grid-tie, off-grid inverter and it is composed of ShineLanBox and ShineWiFi-X. Unique wireless communication makes the installation more convenient and flexible. KEY FEATURES: Easily installation, cable free.

GROWATT Shine Link-X

  • Cable free, easy installation
  • Dynamic IP, plug and play
  • Communication distance up to 120m
  • Support up to 8 devices
  • Built-in memory for up to one month of data
  • Online monitoring and maintenance

Smart and Powerful

  • Radio frequency communication, distance up to 120m
  • Up to 8 devices in one system
  • Autoconfiguration IP address, plug and play

Data Security

  • Data encrypted
  • Built-in memory for one month of data
  • Support breakpoint retransmission